Welcome to the global world of MATRIX arthroplasty

The world of digital reality has enabled orthopedics to create a pool of information about the function of our joints, the quality of our bones and the existence of possible damage.
So while until now we were trying to guess what is happening in our body, now we can see what exactly is suffering inside us, in front of and behind our affected joint when it bothers us persistently.
With MATRIX technique, the patient and the surgeon are in a simulation, thus acquiring possibilities that could not be imagined before. If MATRIX film conveyed messages from the future, MATRIX arthroplasty brings the future to the present.
The surgeon receives knowledge at an extremely fast pace in his mind, utilizes it surgically during the operation and creates an augmented reality environment which impresses with the accuracy and speed of the surgical execution.
Nothing can go wrong intra-operatively, when the digital image of the bone is identified with our real bone using a 3D model of the knee or hip and an artificial joint that will work better than our biological one is performed.

The MATRIX technique uses augmented reality glasses that simulate the physical presence of a user in an imaginary environment. The surgeon who uses virtual reality equipment is able to “look around” the artificial world, move around it and interact with virtual features or objects.
It is really impressive how fast an arthroplasty can be done, when in  about 30 – 40 min., the surgeon has corrected any damage to the joint and has given the patient a brand new artificial joint of better quality than his biological one.
The most important part is that the implants are placed intra-operatively by identifying the load axis at the degrees that should function normally.
The surgeon through special 3D imaging glasses moves the implant to touch where it organically belongs.
The body, the limb, the joint are not stressed at all.
We have inside our joint something really, light, strong, flexible, an almost “natural” joint.
We will never have to worry about whether it is positioned correctly, whether it works properly, whether it supports our gait, our exercise, our manual fatigue or daily activity.
MATRIX is a technique that all orthopedic surgeons will easily prefer and follow for at least the next few decades.

Arthroplasty is perfected using MATRIX

✓Personalized surgical protocol
✓ Precision in the placement and orientation of the prosthetic materials
✓ Extermination of a surgical error
✓ Excellent functional result for the patient