MATRIX arthroplasty is the first at European level but also the only existing medical solution in Orthopedic Surgery in Greece that uses  “augmented reality” computer-assisted technology to support  a total knee arthroplasty. It is performed with the help of specific medical software coming from  Pixee Medical Co., using innovative tools for recording anatomical points on the patient’s knee joint combined with tools of minimal surgical intervention (MIS).

Thanks to the unique algorithms based on artificial intelligence, a simple camera installed in “smart glasses” can go through the skin, detect three-dimensional objects in space to the nearest millimeter, reconstruct them into a 3D virtual bone model and straighten them to the real bone. It is a major evolutionary step in personalizing knee replacement surgery.

With MATRIX arthroplasty the whole operation is simplified, as there is no need for additional transdermal bone-based approach or the acquisition of anatomical pins and landmarks using other probes. Finding the right size prostheses and aligning them in space as well as balancing the ligaments are advantages that only robotic surgery can offer until today.

In fact, 3D visualization and surgical direction technology improves hand-eye coordination by providing the orthopedic surgeon with a “merged surgical scene”, allowing him to perform surgeries with greater ease.

The toolkit used in MATRIX arthroplasty is the only one so far that fully complies with the European Medical Instrumentation Regulations, is licensed in our country by the EOF and has recently received a marketing license from the FDA also.

The use of new technology requires an increased learning curve, but is offered by Dr. Stavros Alevrogiannis, Director at Advanced Technology & Robotic Knee & Hip Surgery  Clinic at METROPOLITAN GENERAL HOSPITAL in Athens/Greece  and one of the pioneers in the field of Augmented Reality Knee Replacements all around Europe, to any young colleague interested in cutting-edge technology  and aiming for improving patient quality.

This evolutionary surgical technique offers excellent value for money operation, compared to other cutting-edge technology solutions already used in the medical field.

The toolkit used in MATRIX arthroplasty is the only one so far that fully complies with the European Medical Tool Regulations, it is licensed:

  • from NOM
  • from FDA
  • Declaration Conformity